Liv Nohrstedt  

Bachelor student (2021)

I grew up in Southern parts of Dalarna, Sweden. I then moved to Umeå where I have studied a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedicine. During one of the courses, I heard about Francesca Aguilo and her research in breast cancer. When the time came, I asked if I could perform my Bachelor’s thesis in Aguilo’s lab. Apart from science I’m a big fan of both books and films, alongside mountain biking.


Niklas Röhner  

Master student (2021)

I grew up in the Black Forest, Germany. I graduated from high school with a major in biotechnology and completed my Bachelor's degree in molecular and technical medicine at Furtwangen University in Villingen-Schwenningen. For my Bachelor thesis, I worked in oncology research at the University Hospital in Freiburg, where I continued to work as a student assistant. In 2019, I moved to Umeå to start the Master's program in biomedicine. I first met Francesca Aguilo in her Biomedicine course and I am very grateful to be able to work in her lab for my Master's thesis. I enjoy hiking, traveling, and having deep conversations.


Adrián Barreno Sánchez 

ERASMUS Bachelor Student (2021)

I come from Madrid (Spain), where I study my Bachelor's Degree in Health Biology at the University of Alcalá. As a part of the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme, I am performing my last year of Bachelor's in Umeå, where I have expanded my knowledge in the fields of Molecular and Tumour Biology. Currently, I am carrying out my Research Project and Thesis in Aguilo's lab, where I aim to elucidate the role of the mRNA methylation machinery in ovarian cancer. In my free time, I love traveling, mountain biking and hiking.


Bachelor student (2020)

I come from Spain, where I was doing my Bachelor's Degree in Biology at the University of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid. I came to Umeå as an exchange student to finish my degree and the thesis by joining the Aguilo lab, where I have been investigating m6A machinery in ovarian cancer. Apart from science, I like photography, sports and traveling

María Rayón


MS student (2019-2020)

I am from Spain, where I studied my B.Sc in Health Biology at University of Alcalá (Madrid). In the last year of my B.Sc I decided to participate in an exchange program in Umeå, where I did my Bachelor´s thesis in microbiology. Then, I started my M.Sc in Molecular Biology at Umeå University and I had the opportunity to be part of Aguilo’s Lab, where I investigated the role of m6A RNA modifications in ovarian cancer. I love travelling and winter sports.

Eva Rodríguez


Suleyman Seddiqzai 

Erasmus student (2019-2020)

I am currently studying M.Sc. Molecular biology in Düsseldorf, Germany and joined Francesca Aguilo´s lab for an Erasmus exchange to do a one-semester-project. During my B.Sc. and M.Sc. studies in Düsseldorf and in Oslo, Norway, my main interest lies in the cancer biology research. Here in Umeå I am investigating the protein-protein interactions in breast cancer cell lines on an epigenetic background. In my free time I enjoy doing different sports, such as playing tennis, swimming or bouldering. Also, the diverse Scandinavian landscape gives me a lot of possibilities to travel and hike. 


Amela Jusic

Exchange student-STSM Epitran COST Action (2019)

I am a Biologist with a PhD degree in human molecular genetics and an academic employee with 15 years of teaching and research experience. I currently work as an associate professor at the Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. My research interests include: molecular genetic of human diseases in general, genetic epidemiology, transcriptomics, non-coding RNAs, biomarkers. I am active in science communication and networking through participation in several COST Actions and scientific projects. 


Eliana Destefanis

Exchange student-STSM Epitran COST Action (2019)

I am from Italy and I got my Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology at the University of Genoa. After my graduation in 2017, I moved to the University of Trento where I’m attending the MSc in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology. During this interdisciplinary Master course my interest in the analysis of high throughput sequencing data has grown and so, for my Master thesis and internship, I’m carrying on a computational-molecular biology research project where I’m performing an integrated analysis of m6A epitranscriptomic modifications in human cancers. In my free time I like travelling, sailing and music. 


Anthony Shoukat

Visiting student (2019)

I have completed my BSC (Hons) Molecular Biotechnology from Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) Lahore, Pakistan. Afterward, I came to Sweden to do Master Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Skovde, Sweden. I wanted to learn about Epigenetics and I joined Francesca’s Lab.

Snigdha Rao

Master student (2018)

Snigdha N. Rao has pursued her MSc in Molecular Biology at Umeå University, Sweden. She worked for her Masters thesis project with Dr. Aguilo and worked mainly on generating tagged zinc finger protein 217 stable breast cancer and mammalian epithelial cell lines. She holds a Bachelors in Engineering in Biotechnology from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. She has her schooling from Sydney, Hong Kong and Bangalore. Snigdha loves taking nature photography and reading fiction. She has taken basic classes in western classical piano and Hindustani classical vocal music.

2017-05-11 12.49.29-2.jpg

Maren Prüfer

Erasmus student (2018)

Justus Liebig University in Giessen (Germany) 


Lev Malishevskii

IFMSA exchange student (2018)

Lev is a student of the 5th year in the Tyumen State Medical University, General Medicine Faculty. He also works in the Tyumen Cardiology Research Center as a scientific researcher. The main spheres of interests are Interventional cardio-surgery and regenerative medicine.


Andreas Gunnarson

Master student (2017)

Now at UmanDiagnostics, Umeå.