January 2021. The Aguilo's lab has moved to the Molecular Biology department

October 2020. We welcome Kanchan to our lab! 


November 2019. Congratulations to Sandhya for her Kempe Fellowship!

November 2019. Congratulation to Cyrinne for her book chapter on lncRNA and breast cancer


November 2019. We are so happy to share that Cancerfonden supported our research on RNA modifications and breast cancer

Safe the dates: Next Epichrom meeting will be held in Umeå in February-March 2020


October 2019. We have been granted the second RNA salon grant by the RNA society for the Epicon retreats. For more information: https://www.rnasociety.org/rna-salons/

May 2019. We have been granted the VR Conference grant for the 3rd meeting of the RNA Society of Sweden

April 2019. Congrats Cyrinne for your RNA Society travel award!

October 2018. Our review paper Steering pluripotency and differentiation with N6-methyladenosine RNA modification will be published in BBA - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms soon. 

October 2018. EpiCoN is granted the RNA salon grant by the RNA society. For more information: https://www.rnasociety.org/rna-salons/